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September 1, 2020

Raise a Slice to National Cheese Pizza Day on Sept. 5

Did you know that September 5th marks National Cheese Pizza Day? It’s a departure from National Pizza Day (which was celebrated in February). This holiday solely salutes plain pizzas. And if it weren’t for a few trailblazers across the world, you might not have the option to savor a slice today.

Most pizza buffs agree that the cheesy pies date back to ancient Greece, where they’d slather fresh bread with cheese, oil, and herbs. But it was in Naples, Italy that chefs really refined the pizza into the modern-day pie. Believe it or now, it was only the mid-1900s when pizza became commonplace in the U.S.! It was around that time that Pizza Hut was born, the first national chain dedicated entirely to pizza. To celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day this weekend, order from your favorite local pizzeria—maybe Basani’s or Mamma Caruso’s.

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