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September 14, 2020

Celebrate National Guacamole Day on September 16

The avocado has recently soared in popularity in the U.S.—Americans consumed seven pounds per capita in 2014, compared to only one pound 20 years earlier. But the humble avocado has been enjoyed by other cultures for centuries. The Aztecs made their own avocado sauce as early as the 1500s. Celebrate the velvety-smooth fruit (yes, fruit) this week on National Guacamole Day.

On September 16th, a classic Mexican app featuring fresh avocado will take center stage in culinary celebrations. Delay Taco Tuesday by a day to join in the fun! Whip up some fresh guacamole at home with ample amounts of red onion, tomatoes, lime juice, and cilantro, and scoop it up with your favorite type of tortilla chip. Bonus points if you enjoy a margarita or agua fresca on the side!

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